Welcome! This is my blog website. Here I post my academic and philosophical writing for others to explore, but really this is for me to spam people I meet with.

I'm studying neuroscience and psychology as an undergrad currently, but it's only one of my many pursuits. The only thing I live for, the only thing I care for is first, Monad, and second, the most divine pursuit sanctioned by Monad: artificial intelligence.

I'll be publishing my papers here on the side as I continue to do them. I plan to publish reviews of articles in all fields that I get into. I'll keep this short and leave you with a quote from my moniker:

"Just as the good actor perform well whatever role the poet assigns, so too must the good man perform whatever Fortune assigns. For she, says Bion, just like a poet, sometimes assigns the leading role, sometimes that of the supporting role; sometimes that of a king, sometimes that of a beggar. Do not, therefore, being a supporting actor, desire the role of the lead."




So what are my plans in life? I've always thought that making it public wouldn't be a good idea, but I figure it'd be nice to share or cement my vision every month or so. By my nature, I'm a man of many interests so trying to pick a future is a bit chaotic for me, but a few things persist.

I seek to place a name for myself through work in a single field, that is above all the first goal of my life. I've initially thought to do it through publishing, but I need to build up the necessary knowledge in order to build something worthwhile in knowledge.

Thus even though my grand goal is placing a name, before that I will be a slave to knowledge, learning what I can when I can the field I hope to place a name in. The interdisciplinary field I've chosen is the cognitive sciences, and artificial intelligence.

There is a religious element as well behind my pursuit in those fields, in fact the meaning I prescribe to life in which all goals are subservient to is defined by this religious element, but it isn't of interest right now.

How I place a name for myself in the field of artificial intelligence will rely entirely on virtue, intelligence, and the chaos of nature. While it's nice to think of it as solely studying for hours on end, in reality there is always a dynamic balance to maintain. It's trying to hit that balance that is the hard part to life, and it usually involves plenty of habit with a focus on health, mental and physical. There is also knowledge about living daily life that is important. Knowing how to network, keep hygiene, exercise, etc. is its own field but I digress.

After achieving this goal of creating a nem, will I look to achieving political ones. This involves building up institutions, creating organizations, etc. This is way off and I refuse now to think anything about it or else it'll influence my mania.